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Leaders and High Achievers

Take back control of your body, mind, and habits

What is HypnoQuick?

HypnoQuick combines state-of-the-art hypnosis and coaching for leaders and high achievers.

It’s a quick, deep and efficient approach for taking back control of your body, mind, and habits.

Break free of destructive unconscious patterns that are sabotaging you --- achieve effortlessly and easily.

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Jacob Jennings

Founder, Sherlock's Homes Foundation

Two weeks in, I was standing in my mirror having a moment of insecurity when instantly I heard her voice, so loud and clear, saying “You are a good person,” an affirmation I had been listening to in her recording. I was shocked at how quickly it came to override my self-doubt.


Dr. Yan Ping Xu, Dom, AP

Owner, Perfect Union of Body and Mind

I struggled with my childhood wounds for as long as I can remember - even after doing a lot of healing work. Mari has helped me transform my old beliefs into a powerful, self-loving way of being. The session was easy, comfortable, clear, and flowing. Most of all, I felt deep caring and love from Mari. She has brought so much healing and transformation into my being. I strongly recommend HypnoQuick to anyone who wants to heal or is looking for a new way of being.


Carla Leslie

Owner, TruCare Spa

I would rate Mari a solid 10 out of 10. She's very skilled, with peaceful, loving energy. I would describe the HypnoQuick session as a breakthrough. I am now stronger, more confident, and I protect my boundaries. 


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