Something About Mari

Mari Vasan is the founder of HypnoQuick and which is a nonprofit initiative aimed at providing quick, free emotional relief for those in need of support. 

Mari has been a life coach since 2013 and a HypnoCoach (using hypnosis to empower clients to create their own change) since 2014. Mari has learned from some of the best in the transformation industry, including John Overdurf, Melissa Tiers, Kelly Woods, Michael Watson, The Coaches Training Institute, Strategic Intervention Coaching, the Robbins-Madanes Institute, Tony and Sage Robbins, Laura King of Summit Hypnosis, and many more. Since 2013, Mari has been coaching high achieving private clients, as well as the underserved, such as foster kids and women in abusive relationships. Today she is dedicated to non profit work through Her mission is to draw upon top talent in coaching, hypnosis, and trauma treatment, and offer free resources to those who are suffering in any capacity. Mari is a board certified hypnotherapist through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. She is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is also a Certified Stress Management Consultant and certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Mari enjoyed a lot of success in finance before she entered into coaching. She was a Chartered Financial Analyst and a highly ranked equity analyst for many years before serving as a Managing Director, and co-head of U.S. equity research for Deutsche Bank in New York City. She retired from Wall Street in 2000 so that she and her husband could start a family.

P.S. It's Mari with an "i" but pronounced like "Mary."

RTT round logo.png is a nonprofit initiative, aimed at providing quick, effective emotional relief to those in need of support. Access free tools here. Recent events in Ukraine have inspired us to put together free resources for those affected by the war. But anyone, anywhere, whether impacted by war or not, can listen and benefit. If you have been through a trauma, we recommend that you begin with the trauma tapping exercises. Tapping can help calm the nervous system. Once you have done some tapping, please check out our library of hypnosis recordings. Science shows that listening to hypnosis can make us feel better, allow us to connect to our inner resources, and improve our emotional health. All you need to do is look for topics most helpful to you, and listen when you are in a safe, quiet place. Of course, never listen to hypnosis recordings when driving or operating equipment. The more you listen, the more effective they are. Please keep in mind that hypnosis recordings and tapping do not constitute medical advice and are not meant to replace professional help.