Your Amazing Brain


Your brain is comprised of the conscious mind (approximately 5% of its power) and the unconscious mind (roughly 95%). Your unconscious mind is probably 1,000x more powerful than the conscious mind. It runs all of your bodily functions. Think about it…you don’t have to remind yourself to breathe, to swallow, to digest your food, or to process toxins out of your body. The unconscious is always running, taking care of these things.  


Your unconscious also handles things that you do automatically. When you wake up you don’t have to consciously tell your body how to move. You don’t have to remind yourself how to get out of bed. You don’t have to command your leg to flex particular muscles, to slowly find the floor, feel the floor, support your body, and then to start to move the other leg. You don’t have to concentrate when you are brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or eating. You don’t have to remind yourself to put clothes on before you leave the house. These functions are all run by your unconscious mind. 

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An important thing to understand about your unconscious mind is that it’s like a computer. It contains all the programming that makes up who you are and how you show up in life. And like a computer, it does not judge what information is uploaded. It accepts and lets in all information. (Remember this; it’s very important, and I will discuss this more later). 


Your unconscious mind is always awake. It takes in everything you have ever heard, experienced, witnessed, and seen (even things in your peripheral vision!). This is why it’s not a great idea to watch alarming news or scary movies before going to bed. You are unconscious to your unconscious mind. In fact, what you watch and listen to, who you talk to, and the frequency that you tune in to, affects your conscious mind and creates programs that you are not even aware of! So be aware of what you allow in. 


Most of the challenges with our programming stem from childhood. Sure, watching alarming TV news can aggravate anxiety, but there is typically a root for that going way back to when you were young. 

It's not about what happened to you

Importantly, it’s not really what happens to you that affects you so profoundly. Rather, it’s the meaning you attach to the event. So, one person can get robbed and conclude, “Wow, I am so blessed. All they took was some money and jewelry. I was being watched out for. I am protected.” And another person can have the same experience and decide, “I am never safe. I am always vulnerable. The world is unsafe, unfair, and bad things always happen to me.” Can you imagine the difference in the experience of life that these two people will have? Part of the work that we do together is to make you aware of the meaning you assigned to certain events. Often these meanings get amplified by the stacking of subsequent events, which leads to you having a filter through which you see the world. You may not even be aware of this filter. What's great is in our sessions we can discover it together.


The conscious mind (remember, this is just 5% of our brain) has multiple parts, and what I’d like you to be aware of is this: the rational part of the conscious mind looks for reasons for why you do what you do. If it can’t find the reason, it becomes anxious and worried. And if you continue for a long time without finding the reason it can be very debilitating. Often, we are so determined to find a reason for something we are doing that we accept the wrong reason because it seems to make sense (i.e. I’m a woman who keeps going after “bad boys” because they excite me). In hypnosis we can uncover the real reason, (i.e. “I don’t feel I am worthy of a good person”, or “I’m repeating trauma caused by my father or brother”) and then change the program with empowering and effective language.  

Why willpower doesn't work

Another part of your conscious mind is willpower. And I’m here to tell you that willpower is not effective over the long-term. Trying to use willpower to change a habit produces a tremendous energy drain. Why? Because the purpose of willpower is not to change a long-standing habit pattern. It’s to give you a quick burst of “power” to get your through a situation. This is why in our HypnoQuick sessions we never, ever rely on willpower to change a habit, whether it’s smoking, alcohol, or anything else. Rather, we change the programming so that you no longer need willpower – you become indifferent to or even repulsed by the habit. You don’t want it any longer, so changing the behavior can be easy and natural. 

How do you get positive suggestions into my brain?

The critical factor of your conscious mind is a filter that decides what will be allowed in from the conscious mind to the unconscious mind. To get the suggestions that you want into your unconscious mind, we work together to bypass this critical factor. Now, keep in mind that the unconscious mind lets negative suggestions in quite easily. If you give a presentation and dozens of people tell you it was helpful, but a couple people tell you it was useless, the unconscious mind is all too quick to accept that negative suggestion, and then you may believe that suggestion! This is why most people end up with tons of negative beliefs about themselves. The unconscious mind is very skeptical of positive suggestions, partly because the mind is not wired to make you happy. It’s wired to protect you from danger. (The unconscious mind may conclude, “Oh, we want to protect her from feeling she is useless, so we will dissuade her from giving another presentation. We will give her panic attacks, or a stomach problem). Luckily, this can be easily identified and dealt with in hypnosis. So, to get positive suggestions into your unconscious mind, we teach you how to relax with hypnosis. Why? Because when you are relaxed, the critical factor relaxes, and your unconscious mind can accept the positive suggestions that you want.

Your unconscious mind rocks

Your unconscious mind is about 1,000x more powerful than your conscious mind. This is why hypnosis, when done skillfully, can change your perspective, your confidence, your habits, and your life in a meaningful way. Your unconscious mind allows your creativity to flow. It’s what finds most of your solutions, and it’s what can allow you to do what once seemed impossible. So, I hope you are now getting the understanding that harnessing the power of your unconscious mind is incredibly powerful. Solutions can appear, physical challenges can heal, bad habits can disappear, mood can elevate, and new connections can occur. Click below to start harnessing the tremendous power of your unconscious mind.