Break Through Barriers to Get to Your Goals 

If you are a leader and/or an achiever, you are already successful in at least one area of your life. And that’s awesome. So, what is calling you here? Maybe you want to succeed in that area on an even greater level and you feel something is holding you back. Perhaps you have noticed some patterns of self-sabotage, or a belief that you can only get so far, because that little voice in your head is asking, “who are you to be on an even bigger stage”? Whatever is holding you back, I am here to help you discover it and to guide you in breaking through, so that you can achieve everything you dream of.

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I work with many successful people who have money blocks. Perhaps you earn up to a certain amount, but beyond that level there is an obstacle. Or maybe you’ve built a successful company and yet, you have less equity or profit than you should. Maybe you need to negotiate on your behalf, and something holds you back from achieving what you really want. Helping you to understand how these blocks came about, guiding you to eradicating them, and then installing empowering beliefs is one of my specialties.


As a leader or achiever you may have invested so much time and effort into your career that your personal relationships have suffered. If that’s you, please know that you are not alone in this challenge. It’s an epidemic among high achievers.

Become as successful in your romantic life as you are in your career. Perhaps your lack of success in the romantic area is simply about time…meaning, you need to invest more time in that area. But, I doubt that’s all it is. Often, these issues stem from your relationship with your mother or father. Together we repair or put closure to damaged relationships (even if your parent is deceased). Interestingly, relationship issues with mom can lead to obstacles in life. Relationship issues with dad often lead to challenges with money. Together we can understand how these relationships have affected you, and free you of the weight and burden that once created challenges in your romantic relationships. Once this is done (often it becomes clear within one session), my clients often tell me that other blocks disappear too, and they enjoy more momentum in other areas of their lives. Perhaps you may need to clear guilt, anger, or other emotions related to past romantic relationships, and our sessions are perfect for this. Once the past beliefs and blocks are cleared, it’s easy to wire in even more confidence, openness, and receptivity to new relationships. With some people, the romantic blocks are not about mom or dad, but about feelings of not being good enough, which were developed at a young age and are still lurking in the unconscious. These type of childhood patterns are best dealt with in RTT sessions.


Take charge of your health. As a leader, you naturally want to inspire others and set a great example. Perhaps you have been working so much that your health is neglected. This is another area I love tackling. Whether it’s helping someone love to exercise, eat healthier, or quit a bad habit, it never fails to excite me to see a client stepping into their own integrity and congruency in all areas of their life.