Tell me more about HypnoQuick   

HypnoQuick combines state-of-the-art hypnosis and coaching. It's specifically designed for leaders and high achievers.

In HypnoQuick sessions you become aware of the disempowering beliefs you didn’t even know you had. These beliefs are like viruses – they often get installed on the hard drive of your brain in childhood and then they are reinforced with later events.


The great news is that you can become aware of what’s there, and then we can transform these unconscious beliefs or habits. It’s like deleting or neutralizing the belief, problem, or habit. Often, these beliefs or habits are tremendous energy drains. Once eliminated, clients often feel light, free, and energized.

Where should I start?
Coaching / Hypnosis

These sessions are offered at 60-minutes or 90-minutes. In these sessions we discuss your goals/outcomes and we often do some hypnosis (you can be sitting or reclining). I also often will teach you some self hypnosis techniques. Sometimes I will also empower you with tools that you can use later (i.e. if the issue is something that may recur).


I will relax you and show you how to put yourself into hypnosis. You will be fully awake, in a comfortable, receptive state. If your issues are related to childhood, disempowering beliefs that you may have acquired as a 2, 3, 5, or 10-year-old are put into perspective and then discarded. If the session is about quitting a habit (i.e. alcohol, cigarettes), I use language to help you relinquish the habit without needing willpower. (Willpower is only useful for short term challenges. It is not effective for maintaining new habits over the long term). After the session, I may send you a personalized transformational recording, complete with relaxation music, that you can listen to at your leisure. These recordings are helpful because the brain learns by repetition. Most of my clients love listening to their personalized recordings, as they make them feel great.